Research can mean a lot of different things to different people. It can be used to gain more knowledge and insight on a subject, for inspiration or just out of curiosity.

There is also various types of research, such as primary and secondary.

Primary research is information found out by you. First-hand experience that you can account for. This is one of the most important types of research as you are collecting the information for your project.

Secondary research is the information, such as statistics and comments, found out by others that you then use. You can use others work to either support or argue against your point.

With secondary research, the pro’s and con’s balance each other out.

Using secondary research can be useful as you can use others information to compare to your own and use in your project, if you’re lazy.

However, the problem with secondary research is that you cannot determine its accuracy or reliability. You could be using incorrect statistics in your research which would then render your work inaccurate.

Research is important to me as a creator as it inspires me. Seeing others hard work inspires me in my own work and gives me ideas to use myself.

There are several types of techniques used in photography. These can change how a photo is received and taken.

The rules of thirds technique is the use of lines to divide the image into 1/9. This is most commonly used when place the subject onto one of the two middle vertical lines.


The next technique is the use of the leading line. This refers to the use of using an object as a form of pathway as the subject of an image.


Exposure is the use of lighting when taking your photos. You can change the exposure on your camera to change how bright or dark it is.


Framing is another technique used in photography. This can be used to change the outlook on a photo and improve the image quality.


I will use secondary research in my photographic practice as inspiration and use their knowledge to improve the quality of my own work. For example, if a photographer suggests using a different contrast setting or angle for a certain subject, I shall take that into consideration when doing my own work. Others knowledge can play a large part in the quality of your own.


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