V for Vendetta (REVIEW)

Regarded as one of the most controversial and thought-provoking films of all time, V for Vendetta tells the story of Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) a young English woman who meets vigilante V (Hugo Weaving) a man seeking revenge on those who imprisoned him.

The film reflects on social and political issues that our society tends to look over. Issues such a terrorism, homosexuality and ignorance regarding other religions were depicted and caused a strong reaction among the public, both positive and negative. No matter your view on societal issues and current wars in the world, this film will cause a reaction in you and make you rethink your beliefs. You will be thinking about this film long after it’s over.

Whilst watching V for Vendetta, I noticed the camera work. The angles used were perfect for adding tension and atmosphere. Director, James McTeigue, uses very unique techniques and angles to add to his work.

The script for this film is very complex and well-written as it is adapted from a novel. The character development is strong yet realistic. Each character makes decisions that you truly believe they would make and there are no out-of-character moments. As well as brilliant performances from both Portman and Weaving, respectively.

However, the film does have it faults. Plot holes mainly. Whilst it is nothing to raise an eyebrow at, it could irritate those who pay more attention to detail than the average watcher.

Overall, the film was very enjoyable and interesting. I would definitely recommend this to a friend as it is very thought provoking and you find yourself empathizing with the ‘villain’.







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