Plunkett and Macleane (REVIEW)

Plunkett and Macleane is the 1999 movie staring Robert Carlyle and Johnny Lee Miller. The film follows two highway men, Plunkett (Carlyle) and Macleane (Miller) as they band together to try to get to America, by doing what they do best, terrorizing.

The first thing that stood out to me about this film was the portrayal of the specific time era. Director, Jake Scott, meshes the speech of today with the events of their time beautifully. This blend works very well with the story telling.

Another aspect of the film that stood out to me was the use of photography techniques. Many shots were of the subject in front of a plain background. This was most commonly used in climactic moments to add tension and ambiance.

The director also used different camera angles. These were used to see different perspectives and add different emotions to the scenes. This definitely added to the plot of the film.

Overall, whilst I didn’t particularly enjoy the film, as a creator, I can appreciate the artistic work and what the director was trying to achieve in this.


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