Character Profiles

Here are my character profiles for my story:


Grace Phillips

16, Woodbury, Minnesota

Grace Phillips is the poster girl for cheerleaders. Bubbly and popular, the Queen of the school, she would put Regina George to shame. Your typical mean girl. With long, honey-blonde hair, a manipulative mind and a figure most girls would kill for, it’s no surprise that she has made a few enemies on her way up to the top. Grace has piercing brown eyes that most would regard her most intimidating feature. With her reputation, comes the expectation to be a dumb airhead. However, with a high IQ and an ambitious mind, she strives to be an Interior Designer, although her parents want her to go into medicine or law or stick with her cheerleading, a sport she was won many championships through.

With long legs and tanned skin, every guy wants to be with her. She, however, doesn’t have time for high school guys and focuses her attention on men of more of a college age and maturity level. Using a fake ID to get into bars, she frequently catches attention from both genders.

Instead of driving like most teenagers her age, Grace prefers to walk or use her friends as her taxi. Although her parents would prefer her to drive, she likes to go against her parents choices, no matter how small it is.

On a typical school day, Grace likes to challenge the dress code by wearing short skirts or hot pants with crop-tops, showing off her bellybutton piercing. Her motto on shoes is ‘I wear 3-inches or I wear nothing.’

She used to have a part time at a music shop but quit when the cheerleading national championship came around. She had saved enough money to pay for college tuition. Even though she had been offered two scholarships, one for cheerleading which she is being urged to take by her parents and teachers and one for fine arts which she actually wants to take.

Some could say that the only reason Grace acts the way she does is to please other people. She doesn’t want to be the Queen of the school, but it comes with the territory of trying to make her parents proud.

Dr Hill


Dr Hill is the head psychologist at Redbridge Asylum and Grace is one of his patients. Dr Hill stands at 6’2, with thinning salt and pepper hair and strong eyebrows that are most commonly in a frowning position. Dr Hill has worked in the asylum for over 20 years and is one of the highest regarded members of staff in the facility.

Dr Hill is known for his questionable methods, they are in no way violent or inhumane. They are merely brutally honest and his words can be quite hard to swallow as the patient. However, his methods have gotten positive results and have helped patients come to terms with what they have done.

Not much is known about Dr Hill. He is a very private person which some people see as mysterious. It is unknown whether or not he has a family or where he’s come from. The only thing known about him is his date of birth, 12.09.61.


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