Weekly Blog: Week 4

This week, we explored our stories in more detail.

I started off by going onto Google Images and saving all the pictures I thought fit the mental image I had of the scenes/sets of my story.

I then used Photoshop to merge these together and create the scene I imagined.

living room.jpg

I also downloaded other images to make another scene, set in the Asylum.

edited asylum room.jpg


I also finished my diary entry from the view point of Grace, the main character.


Dear Diary,


Nationals tomorrow. Some of the girls are nervous but they shouldn’t be. We’ve practised the routine a million times. We’ll win for sure.

Mom and Dad keep nagging me about getting a license, they can’t seem to get it through their heads that I don’t want one.

Can’t wait until summer though, going to Hawaii. So excited!

Don’t know how I’m going to survive two weeks with Mom and Dad though. Dad has really been pissing me off recently, all he does is complain.

He thinks I don’t know that he’s sleeping with his secretary.

The TV in my room keeps breaking, whenever I’m at home, the sound turns on and it freaks me out. But when I go to turn it off, it’s already off. But I can still hear the voices.

Hopefully it will get fixed soon. It’s driving me crazy.

Until tomorrow,



I added the part about the broken TV to add more depth and intrigue the readers. I want the readers to think about whether the TV really is broken or if she is hearing voices.

I really enjoyed writing this piece of work as I got to explore my characters mind and connect her to the audience. I wanted her to be complex and have many sides to her, and throughout the story, we uncover them and learn more about her.

I also wanted to add the part about her Fathers affair. Depending on the perspective of the reader, this could be seen as a motive for killing her parents, whether or not the reader thinks she is guilty of the crime.



After this, I started on my layout ideas. I thought about titles, taglines and cover images.

Title Ideas:

  • Corruption
  • Innocent
  • Fire & Ice
  • Conviction
  • Woodbury
  • Hollow
  • Birchwood
  • Carousel
  • The Devil Within
  • Mind Games
  • Playing God
  • Run

Tagline Ideas:

  • Can you hear the voices too?
  • Do you hear the voices?
  • This isn’t your world anymore
  • Can you trust your mind?
  • Who can you trust when you’re losing your mind?
  • Would the guilty believe the innocent?
  • Embrace the chaos
  • Never trust a psychiatrist
  • Snitches get stitches
  • You can’t run from yourself
  • The one thing you can’t run from is yourself

Image ideas:

  • Handcuffed hands, one holding a key to the handcuffs, the other holding a pill bottle
  • A hospital admission bracelet, reading ‘Innocent’
  • Red ‘nail polish’ with the label reading ‘A Positive’


I haven’t decided yet on any of these but I am going to finish these ideas next week.

I enjoyed this weeks work. I did more work on Photoshop and learnt more of the techniques used, such as the magic eraser and the blending tool. I hope to continue this next week. I feel as if my story is really coming together and I am really excited to develop it more and write more.





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