Weekly Blog: Week 5

This week hasn’t been the most productive to say the least. I’ve been ill most of the week so I wasn’t able to get as much done as I would’ve liked. I started off my week with research. I wanted to look at published book covers and get an idea of what I wanted mine to look like. I started writing aspects of each cover design I liked and merged them together. After this, I began using Photoshop to create a draft cover. This is not the final cover, this is just a first draft of an idea.



I created this by downloading the following images off of Google.

I also downloaded a further 2 images but decided not to use them. These could be used in a later cover design.

I created this cover through the following steps.

I started off by adding a layer of grey and then adding the hand over it. I erased the background and positioned it before downloading fonts to use for the title, tagline and author. After I chose the fonts I wanted, I inserted the text. I am still unsure of my title and tagline but I think I am close to choosing. I, then, used the clone tool to cover up the red on the wrist band and added the main characters name as well as the crime she ‘committed.’ This took a while as I had to add each letter individually to make it look more realistic. After this, I changed the back ground to a dirt image as well as the font.

I think my story will be called ‘Dollhouse’ as I think it fits well with the story and I like the idea of Grace being a doll in someone elses game.

I am going to continue coming up with covers until I feel that one perfectly sums up my story and fits it.

I’m starting to become more familiar with Photoshop, thank God! And I’ve realised that creating a front cover is a lot harder than I originally thought.




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