My Story Mindmap

Light Shadow Space
Innocence Wasted youth Emptiness
Happiness Hopeless Alone
Drugs Corruption Void
Hallucinations Dreams
Alternate world created through trauma Nightmares
Daydreaming Real life
Ying Real life difficulties
Holiday Inner demons
Sunlight Yang
Night time


Story Idea 1:

This story will focus around a girl on a psychiatric ward. She is deeply unhinged and uses an alternate reality on her mind to escape. This will be her light. However, when she comes back down to reality and realises where she is, she goes into a psychotic state. Her reality is the shadow state. The space is her in between state, where she’s hovering between her two worlds.


Story Idea 2:
This story will represent the yin and the yang as the light and the shadow. This will involve the moon and the sun as comparisons. The space will involve the yin and yang as a whole, mixing the good with the bad as a scale.


Story Idea 3:

This story will centre on a person dealing with the effects of drugs. The light will be hallucinations caused by the drugs and the positive feelings it can cause. The shadow would be the bad hallucinations caused by the drugs. The space would be the state of the person when they are not on drugs and dealing with their everyday lives.


Story Idea 4:

This story will revolve around a depressed teenager. The light will be when they are happy, with their friends and doing really well. The shadow represents the dark times of having a relapse and being alone in their bedroom crying. The space represents the trapped feeling, the feeling of watching everything go past you and you are trapped as a prisoner in your own mind.


Story Idea 5:

This story will revolve around suicide. The light represents the weight lifted off of a person’s shoulders of the idea of leaving the life that they find so difficult to cope with. The shadow would represent the depression that they are dealing with that has caused them to want to leave this world. The space would be the ties keeping them alive, the thoughts of their family and friends and the other things they would leave behind.




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