Story Synopsis

A lot can change in six months. Grace knows that too well. She had gone from being a happy, 16-year old cheerleader from Minnesota to being admitted into a mental asylum, accused of murdering her parents. Grace swears that she didn’t do it, that the tall man with black eyes was the one who killed her parents. However, no one believes her, not when she was found at the crime scene, covered in blood, holding the murder weapon. Grace swears she was framed, but between the hallucinations that quickly turn dark and the voices in her head, the teenager is struggling to hold onto reality. As each day passes, she loses another part of herself and is slipping into a state of psychosis.

Grace has to choose where she belongs. In the real world where she is being labelled a murderer, stuck in an asylum for the rest of her life unless she can prove her innocence. Her haven, her happy place where she gets to see her family and live her life, albeit through a hallucinogenic state. Or her memories, delving into her memories to uncover what her mind has tried to protect her from, whilst it will be hell for the teenager, knowing the truth about what happened to her parents that night may be the only closure she finds.

Grace has to discover the truth and see if she really is losing her mind. She doesn’t believe the voices in her head, they say she’s mad.


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