Title and Tagline Ideas

Title Ideas:

* Corruption

* Innocent

* Fire & Ice

* Conviction

* Woodbury

* Hollow

* Birchwood

* Carousel

* The Devil Within

* Mind Games

* Playing God

* Run

Tagline Ideas:

* Can you hear the voices too?

* Do you hear the voices?

* This isn’t your world anymore

* Can you trust your mind?

* Who can you trust when you’re losing your mind?

* Would the guilty believe the innocent?

* Embrace the chaos

* Never trust a psychiatrist

* Snitches get stitches

* You can’t run from yourself

* The one thing you can’t run from is yourself

Image ideas:

* Handcuffed hands, one holding a key to the handcuffs, the other holding a pill bottle

* A hospital admission bracelet, reading ‘Innocent’

* Red ‘nail polish’ with the label reading ‘A Positive’


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