Character Profiles

Character Profiles:


Grace Phillips-

16, Woodbury, Minnesota

Grace Phillips is the poster girl for cheerleaders. Bubbly and popular, the Queen of the school, she would put Regina George to shame. With long, honey-blonde hair and a figure most girls would kill for, it’s no surprise that she has made a few enemies on her way up to the top. The top of the cheerleading pyramid, that is.

Standing at 5’6, Grace looks like she just walked straight out of a magazine. Her intense brown eyes could make you feel exposed, as if she knew all of your secrets by just looking at you. She has a small scar by her left temple which was the result of a supposed Cheerleading accident several years ago.

Now that Grace is 16, she wants to get a part time job but is finding it difficult to find one that will work with her Cheerleading, especially as Nationals are almost upon her. As the head cheerleader, she needs to be present and prepared.

Whilst Grace is close with her Mother, her Father is a different story. No one knows why the teenager hates him so much, it goes past just teen angst and into straight-up loathing. The two have frequent screaming matches which are known to the neighbours however extremely unappreciated, especially at 3am.

Although Grace loves her cheerleading, her dream job is to be an interior designer. Although she knows it probably won’t be possible for her to get into a good college, with her track record of misbehaving at school, mainly the time she set fire to her teacher’s jacket, which she swore was an accident.

Grace is a very complex person. Whilst she is cold-hearted and manipulative on the outside, she does have a softer inside, although it isn’t a dramatic difference. You will, however, sometimes see her moments of tenderness and caring. She sees the role she’s supposed to fill and does it without question, even if she doesn’t agree with her own decisions sometimes. It’s what’s expected of her.

She can’t wait to learn how to drive. To finally get out of that small, boring town that felt like a weight dragging her down. She just wanted to drive and go somewhere that nobody knew her. Start afresh and be someone new. She wanted to escape everything.


Dr E. Hill



Not much is known about Dr Hill. Other than he stands at 6’2, has thinning slicked back hair and piercing eyes. The only reason his co-workers know his date of birth is through the mandatory information he gave in his file.

On his list of places he had previously worked in, he had listed two other Asylums, however neither had a phone number or forwarding address. He has no wife nor children as far as his co-workers know. It’s just him.

He’s a wanderer.

He doesn’t stay in one place for too long, for whatever reason.

It’s as if before coming to Woodbury Asylum, he didn’t exist. There was no previous record of him, other than what he had said. There was no solid proof of his former employment. Many other employees speculate about how he even got the job at Woodbury.

He has worked at Woodbury now for a year. Although his co-workers aren’t any closer to warming up to him as they were on his first day.

His eyes.

His eyes were piercing and intense. You couldn’t hide, you couldn’t shield yourself from his gaze. Although pale grey in colour, they were steely and unforgiving.

His voice is the one thing that stays with you the most though. Stern and deep. His old fashioned way of speaking. His accent, if you could even call it that. Although he says he was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, his accent doesn’t agree. At times, he sounds almost German. Others he sounds like a born and raised southerner. And occasionally, he speaks as if English isn’t his native language.

Dr Hill truly is a mystery.


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