This trimester, I created a presentation on the effects gendered toys can have on a child’s future career choices. I researched this topic extensively using different sources as well as both primary and secondary research. Through this, I was also led onto different paths such as homophobia and Nature vs Nurture. I interviewed 84 year-old Jean Mummery to get a perspective from the older generation and when answering the question about letting boys play with dolls, she said no because it might affect his sexuality. This led me onto the path of homophobia which many people of said generation feel. I realised that maybe gender had nothing to do with it and it was to do with homophobia. The fear that through letting their child play with a toy aimed at the opposite gender would affect their sexuality.

Also, during my research, I came across the same point several times. The statement that it is in a child’s nature to act a certain way based on their gender due to their chromosomes. This led me to research the Nature vs Nurture Debate that I learnt about in sociology in school. I learnt about the argument stating that it is in a girl’s nature to be caring and maternal whilst it is in a boy’s nature to be tough and the breadwinner. This was a completely different path for me to research as I hadn’t really thought about it to begin with but now I can see both sides.

When I first came up with my project proposal, I was going to ask the question focused more around sexism as a whole. I wasn’t very specific but I was very biased. The two things that were guaranteed to ruin my creative response.

So I changed my outlook and my question. I changed the question to ‘Do gendered toys affect a child’s future career choices?’ and I also planned my research to look at both sides of the argument. Overall, my idea had changed drastically from the first draft.

I think that the videos I made work well with my written work and I feel that I fully researched the subject. I think that overall I was able to create a good quality piece of work. Most things turned out the way I wanted.

Unfortunately, I lost some of my footage of the interviews so next time, I will definitely take more precautions. Next time, I would use multiple camera with different ways of storing the footage. The only thing I am not happy with is the written interviews. As I said earlier, I lost the footage. I would definitely have preferred to have video interviews rather than written interviews as I feel it would’ve worked better and the flow would’ve been more seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

I feel that, as a creative, I have become more experienced. I have learnt how to overcome hurdles and how to deal with unexpected changes. I feel that I am better at Premier and have learnt more of its features. I have also learnt about hyperlinking and transitions in Powerpoint.

Overall, I am very proud of my work and feel I created a good creative response.


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