FMP Experiment

Here is my work on how I experimented with my FMP.


FMP Experimenting


Once I had finished my creative response, I started to experiment with the overall aesthetic of the presentation.

I started by looking at the overall layout and design and changed it to a more minimalist and serious looking colour palette and background. I removed the flowery background from the first slide as I felt it clashed with the seriousness of the video.

Once I finished this, I began to look at creating buttons to allow the reader to click between slides. I made little squares and put them the corners of the screen. I then added text to either add ‘next’ or ‘back’ and hyperlinked it to the appropriate slide.

Afterwards, I started looking at transitions for the slides. I felt that some of them were too childish so I tried to keep them simple yet affective. Even though my creative response is focused on children, I wanted to keep the serious, informative feeling to it as it is a serious topic. I finally settled on the ‘curtain’ transition for the slides that were videos. I chose ‘cover’ for the other slides as I thought it made it look like an interactive book.


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