Post Production


For my creative response, I made several videos. Two were interviews, one was a response video and the other was primary research I did myself.

Editing the primary research was definitely the most fun as I used an app on my phone called ‘Pocket Video’ and it is a very easy to use app that really allowed me to make my video what I wanted it to be. I first start by selecting the clips I wanted and trimmed them to work together. Once I was happy with that, I wrote the subtitles at the bottom of the screen which contained my thoughts on what I was seeing. Once it was timed correctly, I added the introduction aswell and some music that I thought worked. I colour corrected before finally checking everything to make sure I liked it and didn’t want to change anything.

The other three videos were created using Adobe Premier. I’m not very good with Premier so I tried my best to work with it. As this footage was filmed on my camera, I was unable to use ‘Pocket Video’ to edit. I kept the editing basic on these videos as I didn’t want anything flashy taking away from the topic. I selected then trimmed the clips and put them in order. I rendered the videos before exporting them.



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